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Our Mission

We provide our clients with valuable information
to make sound business decisions.

For more than 25 years, PES has been serving the Real Estate, Financial Services, and Banking industries. Our clients include some of the largest and well-known companies in the world.

PES has completed thousands of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), Building Surveys, Compliance Audits, Asbestos and Lead Paint Inspections and other assessments throughout the United States.

PES understands the importance of obtaining accurate and complete information during the inspection/assessment process. We are knowledgeable and skilled in obtaining this information and are able to comprehensively assess sites and provide the details necessary for financial capital planning, for budgeting abatement costs, and for determining future environmental liability.

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Industrial Hygiene

Environmental Health & Safety

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PES Associates Inc.
62 Derby Street
Suite 10
Hingham, MA 02043

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Toll Free: (888) 660-9975
Phone: (781) 407-7777
Fax: (781) 407-0007

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