Portfolio Reviews

A portfolio review prior to acquisition can identify unforeseen environmental liability and significant mitigation costs. A portfolio review can provide a fast read when there is a short due diligence period.

1. Review of publicly available information on each property to identify any red flags or high-risk sites. This may include historical data, regulatory records, and prior environmental assessments.

2. Evaluate each property’s compliance with environmental regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. Identify any outstanding violations, permits, or remediation requirements.

3. Estimate the potential costs of addressing environmental liabilities for each property, including remediation, regulatory fines, legal expenses, and potential impacts on property value and future revenue streams.

4. If permitted, conduct thorough site visits to each property to visually inspect for any signs of environmental hazards, such as chemical storage tanks, asbestos-containing materials, or evidence of contamination.

5. Develop a plan for integrating environmental considerations into the overall acquisition strategy, including post-acquisition management and compliance programs.

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