Indoor Air Complaints

Our Indoor Air Quality Team designs services according to your specific concerns. We use state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, computer modeling techniques and traditional data collecting methods that result in accurate assessments. After reviewing all data, our team provides you with safe, cost-effective solutions. We provide tailored “IAQ Site Investigations” for hospitals, colleges, public and private schools, homeowners, commercial building owners and occupants, and private industry.

Indoor Air Quality service includes:

  • Surveys of HVAC system and airflow patterns.
  • Analysis of specific symptoms or complaints of building occupants.
  • Air sampling for a customized set of parameters.
  • Analysis and interpretation of results according to EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, NADCA, ASHRAE and ACGIH guidelines.
  • Development and implementation of solutions to indoor air quality contaminants.
  • Recommendations for the best plan of action.
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