We are happy to announce that we have been featured in a piece on the blog for a local communications consultancy, HTM Communications. The article discusses our involvement in an exciting new project in Quincy, Massachusetts in conjunction with BJ’s gas. This was a truly exciting project for us being involved in the $1.6 billion dollar revitalization of this pocket of Massachusetts, and we are thrilled to share this with you.


“New Year New You” is all anybody has been hearing this month. One of the ways I like to interpret this is through the real estate industry. Whether it’s residential, commercial or the rehabilitation of one of the two, real estate is an ever-changing and fast-paced industry. Everyone needs a place to call their own and that includes businesses as well. Without real estate, we would be no better than our former cave-dwelling selves or that of wild animals.

Real estate is defined as “Land plus anything permanently fixed to it, including buildings, sheds and other items attached to the structure.” Nine times out of ten, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to real estate and it is often what we cannot see that causes the most damage. Just because something is shiny/brand-new does not mean that it doesn’t come with a host of mold issues and outdated/run-down doesn’t necessarily translate to asbestos.

I can’t think of anybody who doesn’t know who BJ’s is and in 2014, BJ’s Gas came to Quincy Massachusetts. If you haven’t heard, almost $1.6 billion is being poured into this area of Mass, posing for this to certainly become a new real estate hot spot. BJ’s saw an opportunity to build their new gas location on a run-down property shown below.


Pretty depressing right? Now the prospect of redevelopment is very exciting but like I mentioned above, real estate is unpredictable and of course this lot and building was home to an enormous host of problems. The building not only contained asbestos but also contaminated soil.


One of our all-star clients here, PES Associates, was the perfect contact to aid in this dilemma. PES Associates is an environmental and engineering company with over twenty years of experience in the field. In case you aren’t a construction and site remediation expert, however long and expensive somebody tells you a project will be, double it. The reason I say PES Associates is an all-star client is because of this; they gave a quote, stuck to it and not only that, completed a fast track project in thirteen weeks! That’s practically unheard of for a problem-filled site like this. The project included building demolition, site work with contaminated soil and a full construction and opening of the new BJ’s gas station seen below.


PES Associates focuses on remediation and addressing environmental engineering concerns for their clients, which include some of the largest banks and organizations in the world. The quick turnaround and the beneficial new development is just one example of all of the amazing new developments that are yet to come in Quincy, Massachusetts. If this project is any indication, over the next five years we will see a massive overhaul of this area, not unlike that of the Seaport district in Boston. One of the biggest issues with Boston real estate is lack of optimization. Like the Seaport, Quincy has been neglected when it comes  to innovation and development even though it has the luxury of a prime location to the city and space. Quincy has the potential to become the next Arlington, Virginia, a bustling and vibrant community of young professionals and businesses alike. This is one small spotlight on a much bigger transformation that is on the horizon.

Written by pesassociates